Reciprocal Club Letter of Introduction

Dear Members,


If you wish to visit a Reciprocal Club, you will require a Letter of Introduction from the Tanglin Club for submission to the relevant Reciprocal Club. 


With the resumption of travel, the number of requests for a Letter of Introduction has increased significantly, and to reduce waiting times and increase productivity, the Club has automated the process.


Members may conveniently request for a Reciprocal Club Letter of Introduction via the ‘Member Login’ website. After filling out and submitting the online form, Members will receive an automated email containing the Reciprocal Club Letter of Introduction within minutes.


  • View our step-by-step User Guide here.
  • View our Frequently Asked Questions here.


For any questions regarding the Reciprocal Club Letter of Introduction, please email


Please bring along the following documents upon registration at the Reciprocal Club you are intending to visit:

  • Letter of Introduction issued by the Tanglin Club via email
  • Passport and Tanglin Club membership card
  • Disembarkation / Embarkation Card


Terms & Conditions:

  1. Reciprocity period may vary according to the respective Reciprocal Club’s Agreement with the Tanglin Club. Please contact the relevant Reciprocal Club directly for detailed terms & conditions and room or dining reservation enquiries.
  2. In accordance with the Reciprocal Agreement between Clubs, you are unable to use the Reciprocal Clubs in the country you are residing in.
  3.  Household Affiliates are not eligible to request for a Letter of Introduction.
  4. All charges incurred must be settled via credit card or cash at the Reciprocal Club itself prior departure. Members are not allowed to bill charges back to the Tanglin Club.
  5. Members must abide by the rules and regulations of the Reciprocal Club and Reciprocal Agreement.