The Tanglin Club Members play the dice game of Balut wherever there is a flat surface and interest in discussing probability theories. It is also an excuse to just be noisy and boisterous!

The Club has a Balut Section, which tries to popularise the game as a social pastime through organised events with other Singapore or Sabah / Sarawak / Bangkok clubs. This enables Members to freely mingle over a few drinks, avail a little bit of mental therapy, meet with Members of other clubs and have an occasional trip abroad.

Genuine hand-made leather Balut Cups complete with dice, score sheets and 'How to play Balut' instructions are available for sale at the Tea Room. Balut is a game where everybody can participate with a minimum of tuition and 'Beginners Normally Win' is an old Balut saying!

Regular Activities

Monthly Balut

The Balut Section meets on the last Monday of the month at 7.00pm for a game of six rounds in the Fireplace. We tend to gather at the Wet Bar at 6.30pm for a few drinks and to limber up for the start! No booking is required – just show up on the last Monday of the month and it is free-of-charge for Balut Section Members.


Join The Balut Section

To join the Balut Section, please fill out and submit a registration form available at the Sports & Recreation Department.

Section Fund Fee

Section Fund Fee: $5 per Member per month

Bookings & Enquiries

Please call +65 6622 0588 for bookings of all sport facilities.