Join the Darts Section and play fun darts at the Tanglin Club!

Three dartboards are hung on the wall of the Multi-Purpose Games Room in Tangles. It offers Members an opportunity to engage in friendly, wholesome fun darts. The delightful atmosphere further enhances the warmth of spending time with friends.

The popularity of Darts is growing on a daily basis.

• It is one of the few sports or games where the whole family can join in the fun if you are over 17 years old.

• It is not physically tiring – it only takes a few seconds to throw 3 darts. Then the throws become interesting and lively. The more you throw, the more delighted you will feel.

• It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female; both women and men can join in the fun simultaneously.

• Your mental math gets a boost, by all the adding, doubling and tripling of numbers. 

• You can play it at various levels at your own pace, as a beginner, more seriously with friends, in small competitions or in leagues, and also in big tournaments against other clubs.

• It is one of the few sports where the spectators who attend the competitions and big tournaments, also practise and play the game themselves on a regular basis.

• It is a huge morale booster. It never takes long for people to bond and become friends when they start playing with or against each other.

• It is a ladies and gentlemen game. Dart players are friendly, fun-loving people. The game starts and ends with a handshake congratulating the winner.

• Try it! Play a few games. You will enjoy yourself tremendously.

Regular Activities

Darts Section Social Evening at Multi-Purpose Games Room in Tangles

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

2.00pm to 6.00pm


Join the Darts Section

To join the Darts Section, please fill out and submit a registration form available at the Sports & Recreation Department.

Section Fund Fee

Section Fund Fee: S$5.00 per Member per month

Bookings & Enquiries

Please call +65 6622 0588 for bookings of all sport facilities.