The Tanglin Club has a thriving Golf Section of more than 300 Members who enjoy a variety of activities both on and off the fairway. Whether you are a beginner, social or professional player, a junior, senior, red, white, silver or blue tee player, the Golf Section always welcomes you to join us.

Regular Activities

Monthly Matches

Monthly matches at one of the top courses in Singapore such as Tanah Merah or Sentosa with subsidised green fees.

Annual Events

The annual calendar includes the Captain's Cup and the Annual Golf Championship.

Overseas Tours

Members often participate in overseas tours - organised by the Golf Section - to top golf courses in Perth, China and Thailand.


Join The Golf Section

To join the Golf Section, please complete and submit a registration form, which is available at the Sports & Recreation Department.

Section Fund Fee

$5 per Member per month, for a minimum of 12 months.

Bookings & Enquiries

Please call +65 6622 0588 / 0589 for bookings of all sport facilities.